1. Selective pressure kit (SP), This is perl script program package, which calculate. Nonsynonymous substitution rate(Ka), Synonymous substitution rate(Ks), Kr(Radical substitution rate), Kc(Conservative substitution rate). The method is published in Hanada K, et al paper Mol Biol Evol. 2007 24:2235-2241.
  2. sORF finder, This is perl script program, which infer small coding genes. The method is published in Hanada K, et al. Bioinformatics.2010 26(3):399-4001 , Please download this program package.


  1. HanaDB-AT, Arabidopsis expression database. This database provides transcriptome information in a model flower plant (Arabidopsis thaliana) for annotated coding genes (TAIR8), mRNA-line ncRNA genes (mapped by full length cDNA) and sORF. The database is introduced in Hanada et al PNAS 2013.
  2. Hormone-like peptides in A.thaliana, Approximately 210 small coding genes are annotated as precursor genes of hormone-like peptides in Arabidopsis. The database is introduced in Current Opinion in Plant Biology 2019
  3. Gene expression data in Affymetrix ATH1 array which includes expression profiles of 634 conditions in 21019 genes. This data is used in "Ezoe A et al., Degree of functional divergence between duplicates is associated with distinct roles in plant genome evolution" which was submitted to Mol. Bio. Evo.