Position Available

Postdoctoral fellow position available and Recruitment of PhD students

1. A brief introduction to our project

In silico modeling and analysis of a biological system

In the systems biology era, metabolic or genetic circuits can be created by rationally designing multiple genes for enhanced production of drugs and useful materials by microbes, mammalian cells or plants. For such a purpose, it is of importance to extract the design principles underlying the molecular architecture of biological systems (stress responses, cell cycles, oscillation systems, etc) rather than to insist on their molecular details. Our objective is to develop novel technologies regarding informatics and systems engineering for the rational design of biological systems, and to extract design principles by mathematically simulating the dynamics of them. Control theory and informatics are critically important. Real biological circuits will be constructed in vivo based on the design principles.

2. A brief outline of the qualification requirements for postdoctoral fellows

We seek to work together with a highly motivated scientist, in the belief that passion is essential for a researcher, and look for biochemical engineers, systems engineers, computer scientists or biologists who are strongly interested in elucidating the molecular architecture of biological systems using information technology and systems engineering. Candidates are required to understand computer programming, mathematical simulation, or system analysis. They must speak either English or Japanese.

Our laboratory belongs to the unique department that researches the interdisciplinary field of molecular biology, biochemistry, systems engineering, and bioinformatics. We are expected to play a major role in creating such an exciting field. Despite the tight budget in my country, we established the graduate school of bioscience and bioinformatics in 2001. Our research environment and facilities are excellent. You can make cooperative research with different scientists, such as molecular biology, biochemistry, computer science, control engineering, artificial intelligence, electronics, and mechanics.